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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Parks Monthly Reports, 1926"

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mMWWlL. national park 

File No. 143 

January, 192& 





'ebruary 5, 192&. 

X aa transmitting & report on yollowstaoe Bationel war* 
for the mouth, of January la accordance wl "h the outline as subvil tted 
under date of aeoember 10, 1925: 

000 - general 

January, XL o *;eoodber, was unusually mild as will oe noted 
from the fall report of toe oathor Bureau In pars^rronh $20. Very little 
snow fell and at this time ve are apprehensive as to stsaner conditions, 
it looks no* as If we cannot reasonably expect sufficient molstore to 
aa** ap the def Joieooj of the post law months* It appears that we are 
going to face a summer of unusual dryness whloh any possibly be attended 
itjf forest firess also the chanooo are the growth of forage will be Halted 
and ties hay crop next soaser will be short* of coarse there remain three 
months in which cousiduraole snow could fall bat even should a large 
amount of snow fall in this t late It would not pack solidly* end would 
salt aulOAly in the arjring* juriously .there have been sad storms on 
the pacific coast and in the middle rest, also on the Atlantic Coast 
and la the southern p«rt of the o&ciee, bat this section of the country 
hae escaped all rigor e of winter tals yw>r* 

110 - -tntos of ~oric 

Yellowstone national pas* is being operated at the present time 
on o winter basis end with a minimum number of employees* The work is 
largely routine, the offlae being eoaoemed with aeooontiag, inventories, 
plans for the summer, filing and the handling of iaocmung and outgoing 
mail, the shope with overhaul of equipment of all klads, the storehouse 
with inventories, storing of repaired equipment, mlseallsmeeus repairs 
that eB»ta done there better than in tae ehope, etc, ?he c rpwnter, 
Master painter, and raster Plumber did repairing on bullllnga at head- 
quarters, lUewlse the leotrician is engaged on maxlng repairs in 
the eleotrloal lines, equipaant In shops, ouildlngs, sto. ; s aaawi] 
as I enn determine all wor< in Yellowstone JT clonal par* la ourront. 
All of the office worx is current *mA the war* that is going on in the 



> > 

saops is progressing normally, sod the per cue tag* of work expected to 
be accomplished iu January **6 oocqpleted* Of course work of this kind 
jrlll be continued tnr-Kijja to Jane when the season opens* 

120 - I'urti inspections ay .jtyurlnt.uadPTit 

The .superintendent jaftde no journeys into the upper psark during 
i, inspections of toe work of renners bein£ loft to the ::hief 
•ad tee Assistant* chief aho nay© made regular tours from dlstriot 
to dlstriot throughout uie par** ?h© saperintendent wee st aoed^nertera 
prsotioolly all month with too exception of a few trips to Livingston snd 
Gardiner* one trip was asds to Livingston on M o nd ay , January 4, for the 
porposs of conferring with atots Fish & CM*&» Cc*amiealoner, • . llson 
in regard to the proposed acquisition of lands aorta of Yellowstone nr& 
for s g*se preserve* /> ssoond trip* largely for the scan purpose, was 
made on January 1*> and iJuth* on the oeonoton of this visit ths uporia- 

uient gave the principal addrsss at the annual seating of the I ivlngeton 
jhambor of come roe, illustrating the talk with lantern slides of sections 
of Yellowstone p&rk not usually visited by tourists* The t*lk was en- 
thusiastically reooiveu by the Members of the oaa&uer of Cocoerce, and 
it is believed to; t this ooatAot vith this ooasteroif-1 body, mhloh 
represents ausiness end agricultural interests of the entire county. 
was oenefloi&l eoth to the park and to oar county neighbors* I third 
trip was wade to Uvin »ton jsnuvy 2nth *nd on this ooeasioa the 
automobile was driven from the par * to Livingston via the new rood 
Between Gorwln sad c*«roelle, which has bsec under construction with 
Federal *id and /crest Service funds for store than a yesr. ?hi« is 
a very fine new road and eliminates all of the danger in driving over 
the north approach road to the par* line* ?he return trip to the park 
was oade over the sane road on January 2/th* ?rlps to Gardiner wore made 
nalnly for the purpose of inspecting the worfc of the new plant of the 
Yellowstone ?sr* transportation company, fais is nearly finished at the 
present time* 

130 - finance and recounts 

tatns of Appropriati ons 

The t"tal appropriations available to Yellowstone notional perk 
for the current fiscal year is §+jD&«*j09« ."her© is a reserve set ap 
against these appropriations of U2. c j20, leaving a balance available for 
expenditure in the park of $4^,580* At the close of January 3 It 19*6 1 
the status of these oasbined appropriations was ss follows: 

Voucher Record payments ?341*al^*Dl 

3©o* lie bill tlea 21.258*64 

?eam Mire OwtM 

Meals to Jan* 31, 1926 47 .00 

?elegrcpn i telephone 167*60 
ries 4 ?agoe unpaid to , nn. 'i.l f j2(>. &K>«23 

Freight and express 5*5y6«%) 

Total expended and unobligated '■Tuy.'.v/'.,-; 

Balance (unexpended and un- 

obligatod) t 121,331^7 






M fcf 

« - , '• 

.; HH 



1 > 

At to the condition of the allotments the total funde allotted to 
Sarah 51, i<jf?6, was *4?1 •2^0«00» ?»« total expended ant ooligated 
to January 31 1 I^pG, la $3*bA&*&U ?oe oaienoe In the allotment* for 
toe tnreo qjartcra at the oad of J annex} **• ^»5'>l. c j/. 

Am»Me,*ioNi 45435 telloaetone national pagfc, 1^2$. 

. iiotuect xponded jjaiaao© 

Pre vionely reported f3^ t j^.ll 13^6716^.64 |2Y/o?..4/ 

jcpended daring January . -l t ^2V*?0 -lfW. ;«7tWW4 W.tB.27 

vu^HUrHU^lOBi 4§43» iOAiK • 2fc*lLi», netfloHLL • - '•■" ~2o. 

iTOYioualy reported 0,000, $ &2 ,402.39 *37tS97.ol 

jnded daring Jaaosary 0. N*&j -b7D«25 

i/3,o0o»6o I &:U7S.o4 »Jo.§27«36 

ara«raus*9Bi 4^433 rsu<oi*£atts has*. *>aku )$&*£• 

i»revloa»ly reported I 31.497 .00 $ 30.27b»52 t 1,220.68 

gqpondod daring January u.oo ~4*<>«74 -416.74 

IfeKG toil 4b435 YSLLO^SfOIS «***• ?AB£* 192b. 

p*ortoue-Jy reported $551.i>83.00 *aai.t$9»b4 *129.993»36 
sxpendtd daring January 0.00 - 2 2,959 «gg -22,959« 22 

AraOFRIaSloBi 4J406 XXSCCS i!TB^AUGa'«a J .P.S. # l9B!>-2b. 

previously reported | 5,^00.00 * 3.355-45 I 2.M4-55 

upended daring January 0*00 0.00 0.00 

* Sloo.6o T-T35^ 
- Indies tea rod figure. 





The report of rovnoN it attacoed to the report aa . chedule #4* 
On February 1 I addreased a letter to you to whloh I attached ft eteteaant 
abowlag that oar proeent revenaea emoant to $Ft8,0/9«*o v ior too current 
flseel yeir. I olio transmitted to you daring too moatfe a statement 
eaowia# too antameelle revenues collected during tat 192$ see » on by 
The otfttoaont woo also cmp native la ehareeter In that it 
dew for the aeaeone 1<J22 to 1^?S iaeluaive. 

140 - Labor situation 

./a are not hiring aea at the preo oat time and we are therefore 
not ooaoerned with too labor market* However , wo under e ten i what aaaY- 
will he ao difficulty la aeourin« wither axilled or ane&lllcd labor should 
it te needed* 

170 - a lane, MHpe aad survey e 

one taei at»nt engineer who wee on duty &11 the month oontinoed 
worit on plana for oonatructlon of ttw Qnllstin ~ oad, oo.sputing juantitios, 
plotting oroaa aeotiona and preparing proiiloe* Aaaiatant n«ia>er 
A. V* tfuraej returned froa annual leave m January 20tn« said on January 
3wta eeletuat r. I« Davie waa tempo »rily transferred to ion park* 

210 - .iwintenanoe 

ft a weather coaditiona Aid aot permit of any outside work there 
it nothing to report oader fchia heading except the general aaop work 
which ameanted to tae repair and improvement of trucks, autoaouiiee* 
grader* ♦ daap wagoaa aad other artiolse of machinery ead equipment uaed 
In constructing aad maintaining the ana* rcede* f eata ware anftHded and 
repaired, then tied into compact bondloa and given ft > fteg^eaoafUg their 
taapective else »nd condition for c~ 

curing the month, the ice supply for the year, amount lag to 
l6o tons, waa cut on the reeervoir pond aad stored in the ice house* 
the work required the earvlcea of approximately I? men from noon on 
the 20th to the evening of the 22nd* ?he leo this year la exceptionally 
good, being very defer «ad solid* Ho additional help waa hired for ante 
work, oaly regular employees were aaad, assisted by volunteer vor^ra. 




*«MMU *i& fltflw lea 


if f 9% 
■ p | 



220 - Improvements 

Improvement wow. for the month was confined to r«nov«tlng and 
maxlng alteration* to buildings at ayimoth. Tiro of the colls in the 
jail of the . . .ataisaioiior*8 residence wore removed to provide off loo 
epaoe for the cosnieaL oner. This Jail was built as part of toe original 
oulldlng out oj» never ooon used* the masonry floor* partitions sad 
ceiling, end the Iron doors were taxan oat* a wooden floor was iald and 
the walla mid ceiling vere lathed • re*4y for plaster anion will be done 
aa soob as the weather permits in the spring* In the ooraraiesary aullding 
additional shelves* bins and woks wars built to provide additional onaos 
for equipment and supplies ami to facilitate their handling* 

One small fiva-rooa set of living quarters was renovated ay 
painting* xalaomining and papering* zha quarters ho lag conditioned for 
uae of the ?*aater plumot r ware entirely papered and painted* 

240 - Inprsvntsant af Approaches to tae ?*arh 

2ha grading of the new road between coswln and o&rbella. dis- 
ousaed la last zaonth*s report* was ooaplsted durfcu,- January and is now 
open to traffic, fhe following- h 00 tod fro* the | lvingrton nterprise of 
?lst will bo interesting to yoni 

"*rho strip of road on the Yellowstone p&rk highway between 
Living ton and Gardiner which eliminates the long hard climes ow the 
Cutler, phinx and x&nxaa Jim hills has now been opened to auto travel, 
according to nnaauneeiaent made Sy Coauty 3omwiaaiotier *>«n Piles lest night. 

is stmoanoement will be received with enthusisem by local motorists and 
residents of the Tellewatone valley as the new road eliminates tbrae of the 
longest hills on the livisw^toaW**rdtner highway. The two rents inlng Mils, 

oint of ^oeits and the annul olimo near gar liner may as oiimbed in high 
gear, the Majority of motorists declare. 

fha new road aroaees the Tellewatone river at cjarsella and ro- 
oreeses it *t ceswia Sprlagg and was oonatraoted at a ooat in assess of 
ilOO*OJO, oojaalsslonar ?*iles states. ?«t< County oontriuuted $iO,tf>0 to 
the project, the oosnlssloner said, the belanae ooming fro* the Federal 

rtraaeat. The road will be gravelled and cleaned out daring the spring 
ana sooner months.** 

I hove received Information from ;ody th«t a contract has bean 
let for the reoonstr action of the Cody approach rood immediately wast of 
the moshone :*«. fha funds for this war* have been allotted by the 
Forest ' ervic© sad the contract C'>lls for na expenditure of more than 
$&>*00u. ;na wort: will be dona at once and *hea the 192b ssnaoa opens 
the new highway will be ready for as©, vita the exception of two snort 
tunnels* when this new war* Is completed all of the old dangeroua planes 
on the Cody read #111 have buen eliminated • It con be truthfully said 
tnat ths oody road will than be aa cafe for motor travel as any of the 
other park approaah roads* 


( ( 

.14-".- t . ;-:'.» .< 

1 * * W 

HV M ■ 


■ ■ ■ : 



Ml av«n afto» uitUt 

"^•J fiwk tea »©er fa aaoi» •*( XU 

. -' ****i*iX» »T»UU 0VAA j 

•Ut e« 94 MtfJ 

> > 



300 - ctlTitiea of Oth«>r /.gencies la too 1 ark. 

■' - ■ - - 

3*0 - public renrioa contractors ! 

The Yellowstone pari Transportation coop any* a plant at Gardiner, 
which was to© only piece of work done by the park operator© during toe 
month* was brought considerably aearer completion* fhe huge el eve tor 
which will be used to lift buaos to the point shop on the ten floor ie 
aow operating* The heating plant ie completed end operating*, permitting 
the oeehpnies to do repair work on care in tha garage, ?he el otrioel 
sjstea is £cK completed. The bank house is completed and eeoupiei. :he 
Transportation 3ap&rlntftndoat v s residence and the paster Veehaaie'e 
realdence are both finished and ready for oocupaaoy* &d vantage wee 
t*ken of the fnvorsble weather 1 nd e general cleanup tuade ef the grenade 
surrounding the oaildingfi ao that the plant is beginning to aaeame the 
appearance of being under operation rather than construction. 

311 - Character of ^ervloe -pandered to the : oulic 

Tith the eaoeptlon of a store that is being operated at : Msaolh 
Hot .springs, nona of the Yellowstone opera ore were in uusiness in the 
par* during January, r. or vice at Via store was satlsf{>ctory* 

31*) - lee contracts 

during the month of January 1 coqpleied new forme of fr noaiee 
for the Ye Howe t era© per* Hotel company, toe Yellowstone pawn c.'*4?s company 
and the Yellowstone perk Transportation !*ay* 2hese now franchisee were 

drafted la accordance ,/ith ins tractions <-ivan to ma verbally in /asningten 
and later by latter* The term of each aew franchise was 30 years and la 
to ran from January 1* 1V2&» several copies of each new form of fr nehlee 
has oeen forwordod to the ashingtan office* aleo early in the month the 
aew franchise for toe Haynes* picture Lhops. inc., waa forwarded for the 
considers tlon of toe service and the Department. 

317 * t^tus of Author lead ro^acts of ^ontrfectprs 

9M 510 above. 

4X0 - ft eager * ;;aturallst & pal do jarvice 

3hlef Hanger voodriag was absent fr<xu the park froa the 6th to 
the 97th inclusive; his absence was occasioned by his sttandnaee at the 
Chief Hangers' conference at Sequoia !?s«tlonal park, California, which 
convened oa the l r th ani adjourned on the 19th* He was granted annual 
laawe la ofloaeotlon arito this trip .vhica enabled him to visit yoeemlte 
par** Los Angeles* son Francisco and Portland. He had th© distinction 


( c 

MM «tt ai t. 

wis": c'^ix. Ml 

ml* B ' . " 

4t mitt taMHfci mmt aaJhftotrir ■x&mwp \t nk: 

jS '-♦£' J 

Ml or; i M ,, . •■ ,.:,.:■.■ t<;_ ,, 

of being selected ae chairmen of the conference in which capacity hie 
native eoility* seasoned judgment, and years of experience in *i tionel 
,arx work oontribated ajatorially to the success of t»M> meeting, 
return* to his duties greatly refreshed and with renewed entnasisem 

T piret issistant chief ^aaaer ?ri seaman was abeent fr«m the park 
on annual lea™ fro* jeooato I ts **anary 9*u «• performed routl me 

duties at headquarter* station from the 10th to 1 th inclusive .ind pro- 
oeeded on a voar of inepeotion of the eastern 3apervi»ory Territory on 
the i^tft wia Saw* >as*. •jportaman'e vex* and aallatint he is now a* 
- ivarslds tation, and reports excellent conditions throughout the 
•met bidfe i depth* are far below norasl. temp®** *«»•• » ro •*- 

usually moderate; wild anim 1 »afl forage condltloae are «**••* *» **»■• 

A eel stunt ^hlef Senge* Douglas haa been actively in charge of 
the fiold wor* of the ^apartment dor tag the aoaeneo of chief ganger 
-ood.iag. He a«Biatt>d with roatlae woris at headauartors station daring 
the first tea days of tho month and proceeded fr» thence on a tour or 
the Strthem supervisory territory on the 11 th via wUnor, Crevice 
and Hal lr oaring and returned via vowr Fails on ana g*t« ::p4ondia 
wild animal and forags conditions, aoaarsto anew *■£*■ ".T** .- 
teapcrutures have generally prevailed throu&aat this distrlot daring 

toe aoath * iMl>ttttfc ouirt Bpnaniv lick was absent on annnal leave from 

scomber 28th to January 4«o* ae proceeded fro* ^^"^T! ^sTlm 
toiaL station on the <th and has spent the remainder of th* month in 
tiwToeatral area, particularly at canyon. Lake and ?**»;»• 

Other activities have consisted of the special daily ^oU 
of the en*l£e ren^e. the regular ranger patrols in the yarioa. station 
lll£*~vS*^l«ml 1-rtinw. -new removal from »<*^« >£»"• 
maintenance *nd other routine latie*. ccndltlons era exception* ly gas* 
throughout the perx. 

420 - snasam service 

— - — - marguerite Lindeiey was engaged during the ^ tB •» 
arra»«e-at^ fuST-f historical mate rial, useful «•»""»*«•• 
Sr^aTLSr Yellowstone on January 5 0th under ^J^^J,^^ 
Service to report to Acting Director j. -,. **f" °* ^ne^tare. or 

Kaeeam at gee P*a. »» .111 */22* -El^tlS^ Son 

^«i»r »*»»»*• in the preparation of museum ana gea*r»A **■*•*.• fcl 
lour man ia s in *«■» *»*»ir- ^-vi-.* .. * n»rt of the educational 

Information exhibits to be installed as a pan or w»» •««» 

eotivitie. of thl.^. Ao niwtor Tellowe^^^^t 

his own expenee meTa ^~«J^*Z^\™^ £Tw*T 
yorx oad ^^**V *} ^^5l?aS are in^reated in the T.U<»watono 
r:! 6rB i°^ a .^val£d atmletro? opportunities to visit many mnaeuma 
latlonal per*. He a ™^/*~^ nt ta^eoutivo* and auratore. in 
where he wee given «P*J*" ft^iionalParlc ^rvlae and departmentnl 
yashlagtou Mr. Haynes visited J^*^^*^ & the scientific world 
officers and too* occasion to confer ** * ^* ~^ ^ ^uow.ton* par*, 
who are Interested in farthering scientific researca xn 



»* -Wi 



?hesa nan Included :ir. /., L. rmy of the oaophjaloa Lftooratox? and ur* 
John C. ;*erriaa, rocidant of tiae Carnegie institution, yv Haynes* 
trip was of tosenso rains to the par* end we are sino&roly appreciative 
or his koob Interest In oar work:* It most ho raneeisared th»t ho Is 
donating his tine to To 11 curst one »e araseare without say coapenntion wnateweri 

A70 - Antaftls 

1 1 m 

'lid «nlw*l and forage conditions hare been highly satisfactory 
throaehoat the month. .11 animals are la uxeollent condition ind thare 
Is an abundance of cicooasiiuo forage* 

KDct ftutrm has seen son* ajowasamts ta the higher elections 
daring the"T»st flftaan days of tha snath* TJaoent reports Indicate 5f$ 
on Opper Plough Creek. i*>7 on pebble creek and 'Jpper Soda *mtto* narwurouB 





.:• '■•- . 

I > 


snail banes along caehe and sailer :«•/.« at points Along urn «* st boundary 
•X Mm par*, There are mors than 100 on th«> north slope of -it- tashharn. 
laey art dlstrleuted a« follewe on the lower elevnti'msi '.on- 

wood «nd orevloe ttju. Lower ^iomth r?ree)c 10?. _»o*er il» l strict 9 
Saffalo Ranch to t*da aatte eras* &>o, lah i«»*e to junction of soda »att* 
Oreo* and Lamar uvor i»o, srift fence on frt. "orris to month 
:reek ^0* BlaoiEteil district 300, Sj»na»»tK-»^ai ijjft Mntriot 11 so 

ree* uistrlot ISO and 3uff»lo flats 200, ?ber« ere taa usual small bands 
at lorrls, Ok P«m and llboon *e»dow* snd sv*oroxin*tely 135 along the 
yircaalu and Mfrdisom Fivers between Old *>ithfal find Mverslde . t -Won. 
The satin uodjr of the qallasla hard continues in the nm* Preserve bat 
more tana fUQ have been recently ooonted within tha pant at points along 
Qpayaln* and semen Rind Creeks, gmnerona anall bonds ar# frwinenting th« 
higher slopes of loo trio tea*. ;he prevailing tendency Is to nova op to 
tha higher elevations, li conditions are excellent and no losses have baan 
oeserved daring tha month. 

jaax t Tan latest daar oonnts eu ted oy rangers en patrol are 
as foilojrsi uaeca creek listriet 12% ^revise district $0, * ironing ,;is~ 
triot 4$, Toaar falM Ustrlot 54* »*<* satte -i strict 24, ?ebble ^rec* 
istriot lt>» li»dison Jnnetion to old felthfal ' , *nd «nan» th--'-r liner 
lstriot l^b, total $24. a loan of fear, occasioned by oeyntes, ooonrred 
daring toe month. They were the first coyote sills of the season. he 
first oes'rved shedding of horns ana noted on tha 12th. 

Antolopoi There is nothing to add to the antelope oounts of 

toe preoodina months a* they are wl tely scattered in anal, la over their 

entire ran*?*, a fail count is almost lsjpossible to secure under the oondUlons 
prevailing thia season ae the limited area eoemonlj, frequented by them in mid 
winter la praatiomUy abandoned. Hu ne i ouo email bonds reading from 10 to 40 
are seem daily on the slopes of Mts. verts and .epulohre. The total of all 
hands on the range outside the parte do not exoeed 200. . lose of two, ooo ainn- 
od ay coyotes, ooourred daring the month, which comprise the only antelope 
loaaaa this seaman to dote. ftm first observed shedding of horns was noted 
on the 15th. The antelope fence ems lifted on th* 4th. 

Moment very few moose have seen seen by rangers on patrol daring 
the month. Twelve were observed em the Therefore petrol on the loth to 2$tn 
together eitti nameroas signs on lynx ^reeh and n total of 21 have been reaently 
eoanted et the mead of - lou«h roeh, outside the perk. ■ <is have also beea 
oeaerved at ether peiata where they generally freqoent but were not as numerous 
ss dnriag the two praaeding months, v.09% of then r<ppat>r to have moved bseh to 
remote palate. 

njpunvin rbaeu i ' eeent oonnts on sheep are as followst- llamg the 
Yollewstene hirer between oardlner and revloe 4*>» l * district 

, Oilmen rade-dada satte >i strict 12, Abiathar ?ea* 3, sheep pannteln^ooms 

\. > ■ ■ . 

( ( 

m ..i' m 8.v<(ii, w kXj -' * ■■■ ■■'■ ~ ; - 




Jjm wrv; .11 sw 

Ofrtt fl««* ««r«rf SBOmi W! ^«v l«^ 

>£* so terwatff) «r*#w w iOC. • <.'* 

BO #ii-u» «jpcidas 

iw ■ Ti«t'^ ***** n*«lcq •:«« /» I ♦* ;»*«o 
:■:■*:■■ m . a A+row »alb& &cn<t o-vi >«u niu 


Oity jistriot outaida tha 14, < mi ^allronrtn.; 10; total l*>7. ro 

oonats «sr* aabauttsd fro* other well xnon ahaap dlstrlat* in ui. nttrg. 
daring taa month aa away or tha Mboi in tha mn raoots diutricta aro 
^xai'oiingly sh,, imd ;onarfelly ana^profcohAole, 

rjft^Xo«j/-'aB_r Ivor yor-u ?ha c lv«s *ars SagraflStad ttm Kbj 
aard on tha tyui. ?n*ra is a iotai of 11^ consisting of $§ sales and Go 
faaalanf twslre war* eaatroted* 

on* olin ao wall *»a kill., daf buffalo z.oapar 

on uw; 4th and *a &U]»a a *ouag *ta«r lator In las saanth that wua oia- 
aolsa »y accidental injariea* on* anipawnt consisting of 1 teale and I 
f s n » l e» age 2 yaar«,w*e tads to isrs. oaerg* . w* of attsjcsgnn. ale,;., 
on um 4ta. yhe hard loaaaa thla nana on aa roviaed to date ar© aa foiloswt 

ihipojents, 3 hulls, 10 oowa and 1 steer, total 19 

loaaaa re waiting fre» 
accidental injuries, g a-Uls 2 steers A 

Total senson to dnta lv anlla', 10 eowa and 5 steera, ?$ 

?ha Hard total at thla tine la 741. 

There has eeen no »uff«io feeding tads aaaaoa to date encupt taa 
aalf nerd of 115 which has »ai »4 einoe they vara segregated on tha r th. 
twenty tona of hay has aaan fad to a'ebraary 1st. 

anffnla-Qald ^roos-j'eilcan 'lets Herat Twenty- two aaffalo vara 
aaan on the coxa dmex paWU Uln, 11 to jmi V inol.). *en of thla 
mmr were oeeerwed on pciieon jreo* and twelve on Hist 89M 1 snail 
oaud of 3 *** saaeeqaently aaan at Turoid Lege, salting a totrl of ?*, 00- 
eerwed thla saoth. inaaaroaa hnff&lo al^sa were also observed ay rangers 
from tha »oda gatte dstrict at points along Cold Ofaa* la th* vicinity of 
tha par it eoandary, 

soars i yna beers throughout tha park ara generally in hibernation 
and have b«aa for tha past tan nanus* with tha exo* tion or a wlaox nofciar 
aanr and 3 ansa ahlah have a-fpeered at fre-joent intervals tar©ug.»out tha 
aeaaon fron thwir den ondar one of tha oalldinge at i.a*e Hatal ra are 

iodic tlona that thay will oontinaa caora or laaa sotlva throo#ioat tho vintar. 
?halr aciivitiaa ara anoairagad hy nandonta of f—& oy tha o»»r* tartar at thia 

m4*tor$ Aolaalai ona wolf sign has baan raoontly aaan on ocoin 
;rao* - aaat aaors of ^allcHsgtona i-aa*^- Ly»x »i«aa hava baan rao^nt^, noted 
at par* ?olnt, aloag aadiaan fcirar aatwaan Madison .'unetion find , xivaraU 
alone- tha /irahola < ivnr oataann Madlaan ^nnotlon and v id ifcitafal and on 
i'aaola ;r«eJc. glnataan ooyoUa wr% Kilibad daring tos »0Ata, vhlah, to- 
gathar with 1»2 alaTionslv raportod. s»*aa a total of S»l taia s^^aaon to 
data an oaaparod with 14b to rohrwry 1st last y»r an mmw§ 1st 

of tha yanr paaaading* 

gall ^nlinula t 8 otUra anra raoantly ohaarrad at Thnab of 
yaUo»atona Lake and foor at oonyon. Harlan sl«na nra nonarooa thron^sout 

-i >- 


wkeoi jh&I jm m h 

MS a^Jo 8 


H 1 1 


tiie par* and fox signs are plentiful in the northern area of toe parte* 

?wo trap pe re in the Thorofare sountry, south of the par* ooaadary, 
have mode tho folio i»in t ; catah thle season to oafes* Sox. 11, marten 45. vassal 
, Lynx l v eoyotos 6. Their operations x&L bo ooneludo.1 about Fob* loth* 

Buffalo "md ':thor anon Oporatlonst *he operations at buffalo 
ieh havo oonsisted of routine work, including the segregation, feeding and 
oare of buffalo calves. UJ&j crop); catting and hauling timber tor posts and 
o ail ding purposes* l?o forty feet lo^s hare boua out and trimmed, and l A 
hate seen hauled to selected points for use* The activities at the plough 
Crook *snoa have oonsisted of routine winter wont* There baa bean no wild 
*nimal feeding except the buffalo c Ives above noted* The pejtfc service end 
ranger horsaa are Entering in tho vicinity of the Y*n»e* F&neh and have not 
required feeding this season to data* Horse feeding last /ear was begun on 
January 6th* 

5u0 - use of park Facilities by the i Uullc 

5^ • Increase or ;-eoroaao In Travel 

HO visit or s wore ragl stored at any of the park entrances during 
the month. Th© total preseason travel to data is ( jl4* as compared with f % 
to February 1st last yenr. 

*?0 - Goncir-.l rather Condl tions t 

t>21 - in the : : -'r/- : 

Mild teat* rot are b *i ^ except lona lly light snowfall characterised 
the aonth* 

Temperature s !3onthly mean, 20»0° is 2*4° euov© normal. Moderate 
tempore tore pro veiled during tho entlro month. The only day with temperJiture 
of aero or below was 5° below on the 20th* Three times in the past $fi years 
the lowest temperature for January has been slightly hi^-h. r than it was this 
year, but taking the winter as a whole. It is the mildest of reoord. curing 
the past dp years, no other winter has a recora of texap erasure regaining 
aaovo sore until January 20th* 

precipitation : Total. 0«35 inch, is *•{$ inohee below ncrmi-1, 
and with tares exceptions the least of record* la sxoess of moisture 
occur red in Ch* ear^y fall, but a oarksd deficiency has occurred in the 
ad dw inter months* 

Snowfall i Total 3*5 inches, nomal 19*8 inches. '1th the ex- 
ception of 1930, tKis is the least amount of sno stall for January In the 
peat 20 years* There ens 4.7 inches on the ground at the end of the month. 

lndi tjausually lirfct wind »vrcasnt prevailed, the average hourly 
velocity oolng&*2 miles* noraal 9.2. The maximum velocity *as 32 miles 
per hour firom the south en the 17th* 

Sunshine 1 percentage of possible 53$ normal 39. number of days 
clear 8, peril} eloady 12, cloud* 11* 

feather Bureau Form 1030 is attached. 



pq ..i--; 


I MM *«'C 

it t a*ti ■ 


• bexioaliB ex G£OI arxo3 jjaoiue ie/K 

Snog tH^ten 

Snow deltas throughout the park at the close of the month are 
Indie a tod ae follows .yiwa ooaparative figure* for January 51st of laat years 


.;t; tlon lfrafr (Inohsej 1^26 (Inchot 

KiiiMUOth l8 «^ 4*7 

Hivorside 33 21 

Gallatin 8J 1? 

Jorria 33 

&oagh cree*t.-^pp«r .anon 3b 

Plough Craajfr-Lowar ; naoh 28 24 

Beahler ,Uvur (12/31/24) 52 50 

>aake £ivar 49 36 

« htsab 38 20 

W*e 35 24 

Upper Yallotfatcna 40 30 

ounyoa 46 27 

ijonrer i'alla 25 11 

da? falo :anou 3b 14 

soda suite station -.—,". 37 30 

soda autte cabin 22 14 

Hellroarlag 18 12 

i^lvan J ass 35 24 

'.jreviaa station — 30 

There ia 84 inches of snow oa liuffalo Divide, o& inohaa on : eoble 
;resk, f j2 inches near the top of nylvr-n : si v *JJ Inches on continental lvide 
between ?omb and snajsa r Iyer, Vo* ;ree«t divide *6 inches, "oath iverside 
jaoin 40 inches, ,5portsjsan*e L«ke 4° laches. Sad ".reeling [Tab in ?7 inches* 
?hare is 46 inches oa the Mist ::reek virile and 2b inches at cold Creak, 'he 
loweat terser 'tares this season to date ranged from 3 iofrreea below at tMusnoth 
to 22 below sero at iverside oa the 20th* leather conditions hate been 
generally oh>rsotariaad by eharp ni#ita and anno days* 

530 - soaoral Road :;onaitioas i 

Freighting operations ay sleigh and motor truck between Gardiner 
and Uoaka Jit,, hare been carried on at intervals luring the Month* ?he 
weakly aail deli w lea leaving fiardiaar on T.aaday and Cooke City on 
Wednesday haws baea regularly made on acnelule* The road between larilner 
and ttasasoth Hot Springs is In excellent condition and has bean open to travel 
at all tJUaaa tais season to date* All other roads within the- pax* hare bi 
closed to travel since Hovetsder* 

^° • holloa . rotootiou i 

la opeolel lettera 1 oallod to your attention the loss by theft 
of yjOO las* ?*2**?. which ware removed fro* the park by one George «;• 



'tad!, oo mi 


» 1 

gasnonit, * aaocontr, otor oa rojeot Ml t tn* inspiration <oint road 
reconstruction Joo* ifteen hundred pooada of this EJJ2 was delivered 
to i-ajtsaooJBd la aocor d«*o* *itn the provisions of our c t with too 
; ioaeer Coastruotioa coiapaay mioh »*ss awarded tha contract for the 
Inspiration I oint jou* under this agreeajant for inepirotion Point 
Road 987 «*a to we eeld at 3^ par pound in oaier that the park aught 
gat too haaeflt of ita large queatlv of wjrplua powder* Haraaoan got 
toe 1^00 pounds lawfully iarlng the areath of :R»aemoer hut ae .Us- 
fippro. Tie tod it jy adliin^ it to *. ;;. >ro*n* contractor oa the earfcella- 
cor* La road north of the perk* tfrjunoad eoi>se*iuentiy removed from dot 
powder noose two tons of rr? nnd sold it to 3rown. {pan dlsoovery of 
too theft and ^disappropriation of this property taa case was reported 
to aehiagtoa and ana now eecn placed ia the hands of tha wpartmcat 
of v ; astioo» oa January 25 Hoaaond eaao to park headquarters and eon- 
faaaad to taking taa powder inm tha park and haa and* «n offar to re- 
place it with f yjK> poaada of jpy uyaaaite* this to oa dona within two 
aoaths* :im offar has boon rofarrad to tha u«. •attorney for y owing 
with a reooaraendation that BasBBand ha ad van an opportunity to satisfy 
taa government in this wetter and tana escape punishment* 

040 ~ Destruction of predatory < nixgala t 

19 coyotes wars killed duriar the month* 

900 - Missel laacous 

Mr. y.laer A* sokmen vaa appointed «aper visor ia Yellowstone 
and entered oa duty on January M» 192a* He has now t-.jten over 
completely tna activities in this organisation formerly handled ey 
pater *, Mlkert snea he a-os Assistant in tun sent* t, r okaaa f a 

vide experience and keea later eat in the wor* of- the National park 
Service are goin? to msk* him a very valuable isaa. 1 sat particularly 
pleased vita the spirit with which he has began hie work amT9» 

Respite! and Medical >ervioe 

)r. ?{. a. Strickland resigned at the close of January, the 
resignation to become effective upon the appointment and aslific- tlon 
of his eaeoeaaor* >r. aeo* -. indoor, who is ander oontraot to furnlah 
medto&l service to tha p»r< daring tha ainwr months* has seieeted :>r. 
Leslie J. t tn njf ny of ysldea, IMfee* to Ml „ trieklsnd*8 place, 
and wa heve wired to ashinstoa for v. t»uffer»s eppoiataeat* r. 

I uffor cones to as hi&itiy rcoommaadou. r. ItrltlrlMfct la leaving 
to become aesooiatfca *ritn MP« indaor in th« rk HcaplteJl a* livings ton* 

jrlng the naath pjra tricklaad attended to 26 house cells end f§ office 

flnarch servioes t 

ttv. ioo. ;. ;-o«hier, ^Uts intaaram nlnister fron Living <« ton v 
Scat., held servioes once dnrlag the noath* aaaioly on 'Sttaradny Jan* 15th* 




mt i • 

mi ■ n 


- « ■ »•■■«■» ■» - 

:, *•;.:' 


Her. jtto G. Pcmath, of Pine <?ree*« ne«r Livinireton, ' ont«, 
held ttethodiat •ervieea on the evening of Wednesday, January ?otn, and 
again on the evening of Jononry 27th. 

iaaait ;alton '.eague t 

?ht» eotiTitiea of the Y »llo«at ona | ark Chapter of the lean* 
vaiton league consisted in the holding of ousineaa swetinga for anaoal 
alaetion of offlcwre on January %Vh t and for regular aueineaa on Jan. 
l^thi eleo « loc^l danoe vae ne Id on janaery 4 ;th« 

Cordially yours. 

r i n tendon t. 

j,'tt© iiructor. 
Actional i k ari£ Service t 
^yt. of too in tori or, 
tjpeahiugtoa* ;;.C. 


' :• 

■ ■ 






l ftl HUB 

National Park for the Month of .... 

fttMft 19fll 

Percent | Percent j Percent J Probable 
Constructed | Constructed | Constructed | Date of 
To Date This Month} Last Month j Completion 

«J«ot #5 - fiooottttrsBtioa of 
HU s*or» Ro»d (12.4 Mllog) 
Ji**ring and grabbing 
ar«aii% wad finishing 

rojsot |6 - ftsoouBtructlon, 

i r»*thftq so<q (i«5 xoi«) 

Or»dln& «nd finish lag 
rojsct 17 - H^omstruotton 

ijrnJLlng ,m4 finiinins 

"ojedt #9 - gait n - a«aon- 
aractioa tOMf ?t*U»-S»»«»th 

»d (2»g; nfl.) 

" ;r*dl^ ^td flnlsUag 
k) arBwlias. 1-1/4 "il«» 

jtpi ration ?olnt Road (2 ml.) 
aiaaring *aad grabbing' 

Or&dlag and finishing 





Jun* 20, 1^26 

AOg.l, 1^26 

( - ( -aei-o. 

23TATS aarikiu 

3DlV«3e X91A<% JAUOiTAH 

,:$ roatosi a a s i h o b't u a ho | 8 

noiJ&IqinoD j d-tnoM JasJ jrfJnoM' airfT aJad oT | 





tX«£ ,, 





TatttfWm National Park for the Month of YJam^.'l^ 

This This Month 

Month Last Year 

Number of employees beginning of month, ^ 

Number of additions, 


Number of separations, . . . , 

Number of employees close of month, . . . 

Number of promotions during month 

Aggregate amount of annual leave taken, 
Aggregate amount of sick leave taken, 
Aggregate amount of leave without pay, 

"Tj — -g- 



83TAT8 03TIHU 



J 3 O 3 H H 10 3UTAT2 

lo rftfnoM erti iol jf-usl IfinoiJ"^W 


:rfT j <3iiiT 



tfl ' M 

{ rf;tnora lo gninniged 899^oIqni9 lo lecfmufl 

■ • , snroi.tibofi lo TecfmuPf 

t i&SoT 

. .. ... ,anoiJBT^q9s lo T9cfrauH 


____. . . .rfJ-nom lo 9eoIo 393\;oIqm3 lo igcfaujM 

dtnorn sniiuD anoi,tonKnq i JrauH 

'.V * 



^gjf^d" 9V88X jIoxb lo Jrwom-s 9-J,6g9^gA 

.YBq JuorfJ-iw 9VJS9I lo J-nuoaus QtB^e'i^A. 






National Park for the Month of 


I This 
This Month Increase Percent 
Month I Last Year! I Increase 


tfiles of circuit maintained, . . . 

No. of telephones connected,. 

No. of measured service calls, .... 
to. of other local calls, ...... 

'otal No. of local calls, 

Peak load in calls per day, 

Receipts from measured service calls, 

" " coin boxes , 

" telephone rental, . . 











No. Outbound calls, 
No. Inbound calls, 



Peak load in calls per day, .... 
Receipts from Long Distance business. 






Messages via Western Union, 
Messages via 




Receipts from telegraph business. 
No. of money transfer messages, 




:3DWrt3a ; WAq JAMCHT AM 


■ .B.TriT I 
..ineote^ 98£9ionI rfjrtoM -ai-rfT 

saseionl .|,*&9Y iJaeJJ dSaoU 


aaamaua jaoo 


1 \ 



3s;\£ ' 

. ; f 5eni:£J'ni£m j-xx/oixo lo aeli 

... .,f>a.toannoo 3?noriq9l9J "io -.o 

". bXXjbo aoxv-xaa be^a^em lo .o 

. . ,8lT&o' XjbooX tsciio "to .Q| 

. . ,3X1^0 faooX *io .oK XbJ-o 

t ^6X) taq aXXso nx bjsol )tee 

. . . aexoef nxoo " 

. . , f.sinai enorfqaXe-J 

aT^iaoafl jatot 

aasPMaua aoMATaia duo 




( 3XXbo bnuodtuO . o 
,sXXbo bnuocfnl .o 


f.-$wgnou •fledge/*? m 

..■.«., , . ,\pi£> ieq a Xiao, til JxsoX >U9 
. . .a'aenietref aofiB^aja §noJ men"} aJqxeoe 

. rtoxnU maJaaW sxv aasaaaa 

BIV 39§Be39 

, 3B9 n i fc'i/cf rfq Js'i §B 'X "a it . . mzX a jq-i e o e 
t 8d§B889ro -T9lanBT.t Y.anorn V 

f 8JqX909T " 

-imm H3ASD3J3T * 3hoh<33J3t 3Tgiao3H jato 





^Al 0w . s ^.?. n .Q National Park for the Month of frn wnnr y }<$*£ 

This This Last Increase for 

| Thi3 | Travel | Month Travel Travel Year 

| Month | Year | Last Year | 

| To Date | Year To Date Number | Percent 

Current generated, 45250. 4*2280 47040 • 374«40 47&P i2 

Sold to park operators, . . . 556.7 74424 3808.4 70^66, 97 -1942-97 

Sold to others, 

Furnished to other Governmental 

Used by National Park Service, 
lost in transit, etc., . . .44693*5 W^° 45251*6 298273.0 3 49582,97 ** 

Total current generated, . . 

Amount receivable from the sale of electricity, $ ....27.83 

Indicated by K. W. H. 

( ( Cdl-OI 


eaTATa aaTinu 



r aaau ,ajoa .aaTAHawao YTioiHTciaja* 

,tnoM atii ioI tf-tfiq l£noxJ£W 

-rol e8B9-ionI sj airfT | airfT | 

ifieY levBiT levaiT | rfcfnoM | levsiT | airfT 

j i£9Y JsbJ 1J39Y | rfunoM 

tnaoia^ lacfmuW bQ oT iseY | sJbQ oT| 

0^;- . , ,betaieae* tctetiui 

. )L- \^i^?o : , . . . . .etotaieqo siijsq o* 5Io3 

, o* hioS 

l&taamnievoO lartio oi fisrisimirt 
t 39ion93JS 

{ 90ivT93 ilieft l&noiistt x<3 beQV 
:___ . . __^L • ,.oJe .JiansiJ- ni Jeol 

,f)9*.6*I9n9g JTI9TIJJ-0 IJ3.toT 

$ .... , \;\i i f; i - ■ o rfJ! moil 9lcf£vi909T tfnuomA 

,H .W .-X \£d" fc9J-£0 



-XoUowtuw • National Park for the Month of JBmmrv X ^ 

Park revenue on hand beginning of month, . 




On hand close of month, 

Park revenues received this year to date, 
Park revenues received "last year to date, 


Percent of increase, 

This Last 
Year Year 

6£,687.7Q 101,7^-39 


1 rf>nti«- , ,- 

13o*v,d b^ W+ev ^